Rijnbeek and Son is also a leading producer of containerized perennials. Together with a large number of contract growers, we offer more than 2,200 varieties of perennials for the Dutch, European and Scandinavian markets. Although many of our perennials are available in larger sizes, most are grown in 9 cm pots and are available for delivery from March to November.

Our perennials list is arranged alphabetically to enable our customers to easily select their plants. As a further service Rijnbeek and Son provides weekly a list of plants that are in prime condition to sell. If you are interested in receiving this list, please contact us.

Rijnbeek and Son deliver more than just perennials. We also have available color-care plant tags and promotional posters. In addition, our custom tags can be imprinted with the customer's business name and address. Rijnbeek and Son uses the most modern bar-code technology on the plant tags to assist our customers in managing their inventory and billing.

Containerized perennials from Rijnbeek and Son are found throughout Europe in garden centers, flower shops, and other perennials outlets. Inside Holland, we deliver plants weekly. While we deliver plants throughout Europe, please call to arrange terms of delivery.
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